I Don’t Want to do This Alone

Strong independent single women don’t want to admit it. When they have followed their passion and built their own empire around them, they don’t want to say it out loud. To people. With ears. “I want to find love, I don’t want to do this alone anymore”.

Kate was about to stand up in a room heaving with women clawing for inspiration and motivation to grow their own business. She felt like a fraud. She dabbed the sweat on her upper lip with her speech cards. She was proud of what she had achieved and wanted to share her story of hard work and determination. But would feminist groups hunt her down if she told the truth? Was the women movement resting on her shoulders if she said she wished the outcome of her life was a little different?

“Out in 10 Kate” barked one of the faceless event coordinators rushing around. Shit. Was it getting hot in here? Her breath was heavy and warm and felt as if it was creating a shield deterring her from moving toward the stage. The roar of applause sounded behind the wall and she knew her freak out time was up. Shaking her head, she plastered a smile on her face and walked confidently onto that stage. She tapped the cards on the podium. Pause. She fanned her heat struck face. Pause. In a moment of clarity she envisioned herself in the front row of the crowd. What would she tell her younger self if she had the chance? Taking the mic, Kate lifted her head and began.



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