In Two Years I’d Like to be Here ….

Jo starts to feel the tension rise in her body. Things are hectic today. The office is all phones, people, cheering and bells ringing. Putting her headphones in, she takes a moment to do a five minute guided meditation, something she brought back from her ‘spiritual awakening’ in Bali a few years ago. As she focuses on her breathe, her shoulders start to relax and her mind eases. Coming out of it she opens her eyes and smiles proudly. She created this chaos. 

After having a third-life crisis (‘mid-life’ is way too old for her only now at 35), she turned her life around, got happy and set up this internet start-up. She’s got this. Walking barefoot around the office she talks to people and helps just, get things done. She charges the room with her energy, that’s why people think she removes her shoes. She says it’s to stay grounded but they know it ignites the room with the same enthusiasm, passion and light that she has, its infectious!

As the last person leaves and the cleaners start their rounds, Jo tidies her desk and writes tomorrows to do list. Leaving the office she walks five blocks to her favourite canteen and sits on a bench seat to people watch out the window. Getting out her journal, she reviews her personal to do list. One item. One last item. Find a man.